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Medicare is our specialty and that’s why more Medicare focused agents are making the switch to My Medicare Network.

Why My Medicare Network

As a Field Marketing Office (FMO), We Provide Independent Medicare Insurance Agents Technology, Support and Coaching to Help You Maximize Your Business.

We provide back-office support for structuring of cases, contracting, compliance, marketing, leads and so much more. Plus, unlike most FMO’s we understand one of your biggest financial assets is your business.  That’s why with My Medicare Network, you can protect your family and estate by entering into a succession plan with us directly or we can match you with one of our interested agents. When you contract with us, we’ll help make sure your entire business is running efficiently and protected. 

Bottom line is we have you covered from business startup, through your growth phase and ultimately helping you develop an exit strategy to maximize the value of your work.  Now that’s a partner you can build a business with!

Medicare insurance is no longer seen as separate from retirement planning.

At My Medicare Network, we help Medicare insurance agents and advisors service their clients’ health and wealth needs in retirement.

Medicare Insurance

Top contracts, bonus programs and technology that simplifies your life and business.

Dental & Vision Insurance

Stand-alone policies of up to $5,000 per year, per person with day one coverage make our dental plan one of the most competitive available.

Life Insurance

Access to over 15 carriers that provide you the tools you’ll need to help your clients.

Annuity and Retirement Income

Provide full-service retirement planning needs to your clients by incorporating income planning into your consultations.

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