Cash Incentive Program

Earn up to $7,000 with the My Medicare Network Cash Incentive Plan

At My Medicare Network, we reward agents who generate the most amount of production with our agency. Our incentive program is designed to encourage agents to have all their carrier contracts with our agency.  By doing so, you can benefit financially from our incentive program and you’ll run your business more effectively by being able to enroll all your clients from our technology platform.  

In addition to the bonus plan below, we also provide carrier co-op dollars to our highest performing agents, giving you multiple reasons to make the switch to My Medicare Network!

New Policies Written | Bonus to Agent

50 $1500

100 $3000

150 $5000

200 $7000

*Agents must be directly appointed to My Medicare Network, not through a GA or MGA

*Production based on Effective Date, not date written

*Only newly written MA & MAPD plans count towards goal amount that are written under our FMO contract

*Bonus paid in January of each year for prior year production

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