Technology Platform

We invest heavily in technology so that you can run your business more efficiently and from anywhere you want!

The next evolution of Lead Advantage Pro, the proprietary tool that lets agents take prospects from lead to enrollment in one place.

Plus, a CMS Call-Recording Requirement Solution is now integrated into Lead Advantage Pro!

Lead Advantage Pro® has integrated its new call recording feature to comply with updated Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) call-recording regulations.

This solution will offer:

  • An easy one-click call recording feature
  • The ability to record calls from desktops or mobile devices
  • 10-year archival capability
  • An agent dashboard that allows users to easily search and retrieve recorded calls
  • Additional business phone system features such as video conferencing, text messaging, voicemail transcription and mobile app


Features and Benefits

With Lead Advantage Pro, we integrate with many of the nations largest lead providers so that your prospects can easily flow from lead vendor to your quoting platform.

App by Email

Complete your required scope of appointment in less than three minutes and store a record of it in the clients profile.


Facilitate your client's MAPD enrollment online.

RX Import

With the click of a button, easily import all of your clients medications.


Complete your apps online and go from paper mess to paperless. It's faster, more accurate and easy to use.

Lead Disposition

Customize your own lead dispositions.

Lead Dashboard

See your lead activity and "to-do" list all from your dashboard.

Quote Multiple Products

Quote and compare multiple Medicare carriers, plus manage all your life business from the same portal!

Customize User Roles

Create and set roles within your organization for smarter access to features.

Lead Advantage Pro is a free technology platform that will transform how you manage your business!

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