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Michael & Derek are the founders and owners of My Medicare Network. Michael & Derek first met at the soccer fields for their oldest daughters in 2015 and struck a friendship immediately sharing many of the same interests and values. Derek had an extensive and successful background in insurance, working for companies such as State Farm and Farmers where he helped teams of agents successfully build their businesses. Michael owned a successful financial advisory practice that he started in 2009 which has grown to over $55 million dollars in assets under management today.

In 2018, Michael had an idea to start a Medicare insurance agency that would compliment his already established financial advisory practice. He repeatedly saw many of his clients struggle with health insurance selections and not having resources available to assist. As a financial advisor, Michael knew that to be a complete advisor to his clients, bridging health and wealth was critical to fully serving the needs of his clients.

Together in 2018, Michael and Derek established My Medicare Network which began as a retail insurance agency working with Michaels financial advisory clients. Derek was initially responsible for working with their clients to identify and enroll in Medicare plans, while Michael focused on the marketing and operations side of the business.

Fast-forward to today, My Medicare Network is now one of the fastest growing agencies in Northeast Ohio and is a FMO (Field Marketing Organization) that serves the needs of independent insurance agents across the country. They also have secured partnerships with large financial planning companies, insurance aggregators and various other industry partners where they have successfully implemented Medicare divisions for those entities.

Michael & Derek have tried to create a culture that fosters entrepreneurship and accountability. Knowing they cannot do it alone; they are truly grateful for the support and dedication all their team members provide to their agents every day. They’re confident that if you join our team, you will thrive in an environment that puts everything they have into supporting their agents growth.

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Managing Partner & co-founder

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